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Happy Valentine’s Day from QoAR & Mother’s Grimm

It wasn’t clear (until I did the research, today) that the Brothers Grimm were collectors — and editors! — of folk tales, rather than authors. But to me they shall e’er be the Marquis de Sade for children.

“The Cat & The Mouse In Partnership” is presented herein as both Brothers Grimm and Mother’s Grimm. Please consider it my Valentine to meeses and pussycats and animal-lovers, everywhere. It’s for the children, too, of course!

And when you’ve finished, there’s no better companion video than this:

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. pj says:

    u have most lovely voice i ever hear

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hi, it’s Pinkler here, decided to check out your site! It’s awesome and I’ve bookmarked it :)

    Hope you remember me from about a week ago, we had a chat about my mom and various other things. I did manage to get her online tonight but unfortunately you weren’t online so it’ll have to be another time! Will keep checking to see when you’re online as she is really interested in speaking to you.

    P.s Love this video :)

    1. ReadiaMedia says:

      Of course I remember you! And have thought of you and your mom several times since we spoke. Will try to be online/in the chatroom late tonight or tomorrow, but it’s pretty crazy here right now. Working under a deadline of 6PM EST on Monday. Once that’s behind me, I’ll be much easier to catch.

      Until then, PLEASE do some research re cancer and “food-grade diatomaceous earth!” I think that could be a HUGE help for your mom. Keep the faith…V

      1. Charlotte says:

        Thank you :), I will keep checking to see if you’re on! Hope things are okay however crazy they may be haha!

        I will definitely do some research, thanks again!

      2. Tetsuo says:

        I remember when my other mohter (Dorothy) turned the cards for me. Or when she played over my shoulder when playing Rook with kisses for rewards between plays. There is no digital replacement for that. But what a gift to be able to share feelings across the world! Gifts of moments shared in real life. I believe the more we share-digitally and physically the harder it will be to call someone the enemy, or any other label that diminishes the goodness we are responsible to cherish in life. If you can -feel this hug I’m sending you.